Harness the full potential of your solar system

All good superheroes need a mentor

Our solar master, Robbie Nichols, shares tips below on making the most of your solar powers.

Robbie's tips on maximising solar

Robbie Nichols is a third-generation electrician based in Geelong / Djilang, Wadawurrung Country. He runs his own solar business, Green Earth Electrical, with a dedicated education centre to help Australians learn about energy management. He also works for the Clean Energy Council on technical requirements for solar and battery systems.

Maintain your solar system

Overhanging trees or a small crack can be kryptonite to solar, and it's easy not to notice a change. Here are a few simple things you can do to check your system is working fine.

If you’re in any doubt ask the retailer or installer who installed your system, or use a tool like Solar Analytics.

Shift your energy use to the daytime

Like all villains, big energy bills often emerge under the cover of darkness. Use an energy monitoring system to find out how to better manage your energy use for things like hot water.

Electrify your home

Switching off gas and fuel can offer more opportunities to maximise your solar power.

Here Robbie discusses how charging an electric vehicle (EV) is a good use of any surplus solar.

Use a battery to store solar for use at night

Home batteries can store solar power for use later around the house and are great solutions for energy security and reducing your emissions.

What about payments for surplus solar?

Some energy companies buy your excess solar power through a feed-in tariff. These rates are typically much lower than what you pay for energy so it's usually best to use your solar power rather than sell it back.

Other payment options like Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are emerging and suit users who are comfortable with adopting tech early. Before using new payment services research your options thoroughly.

Make the most of your solar in the day, save energy by night. Get energy saving tips here.

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