Solar Month media kit

Help spread the good news about solar this March.

Solar Month is a national media campaign celebrating the contribution everyday solar superheroes are making to combatting rising energy bills.

If you are a solar installer, retailer or work in the industry, join the Solar Month campaign and tell Australia your story.

1. Share your stories with us

Help us fill with stories of how consumers and small businesses have saved money on their energy bills, reduced their emissions and decreased their reliance on the grid, all through solar power.

Perhaps you had an award-winning installation, perhaps you achieved something technically impressive, perhaps you worked on a community project which has had a great impact, or maybe you helped someone to go completely off grid.

If you did something great that deserves some attention, we want to know about it. Submit your story together with any relevant photos below. We’ll share the best with national press (and give you full credit).

Submit your story at

2. Promote your work as part of #solarmonth

Solar Month is supported by the Clean Energy Council but we want it to become a truly collaborative event to promote the industry far and wide. Download the assets below including the Solar Month logo and social pics to use in your marketing and communications activity and help raise the profile of #solarmonth and @aussolarmonth. There’s also a media release template you can use to share your stories with local news.

Together we can show Australia that rooftop solar can help battle the energy crisis.

Please see our terms of use before downloading and using the assets.