Renters? Apartment owners? Too expensive?
There is hope.

It may seem like solar savings are preserved for rich homeowners only, but some superheroes are trying to change that.

Apartment owners

A number of apartments have solar panels for shared resources like lifts. Getting solar power for apartments can feel like a tougher battle however.

There is help at hand however:

 Image from Allume Energy


Getting solar panels will come down to a negotiation with your landlord, but it may not be as hard a sales pitch as you believe. 

Here’s what to remind your landlord of:

  • solar panels can increase the value of the property – buyers like solar

  • government programs can reduce up-front costs – but they should act soon as federal incentives fall each year

  • solar systems are tax write-offs over multiple years – whisper the magic words ‘negative gearing’

  • energy savings can help keep tenants happy – and counter rising rental prices

Some tenants even negotiate with their landlords to share some of the initial cost of solar panels. Solar Victoria have an email template you can send your landlord.

Too expensive?

Solar systems require a large investment but can pay back this amount in 5 or 6 years through lower energy bills.

If it seems too expensive it’s important to remember:

  • government rebates can reduce upfront costs significantly – federal rebates and state programs may be available

  • financing options can help spread the cost into manageable payments some offer interest-free loans

  • consider independent financial advice before purchasing

Get solar power.
It might be easier than you think. Get consumer advice here.

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